What can we offer ?

Free site visit.  

We will come to you.

Get in touch with us about your project and let us know what it is you want to achieve. If required we will come and take a look and proceed from there. 

If you already have plans ? You can email us any plans and or drawings you may have and we will review them to see if we can help make them suit you even more. once plans are finalised we can begin the pricing process.

What if we spot something wrong ?

We aim to assist where we can using our past experience to make sure that you achieve the best possible outcome from your project, its the little things that count.  

Contractor for the job 

Using our vast team of subcontractors weather you use us or not we have someone that will be able to help you no matter what the task at hand. 


Try and find as many pictures and documents, web links etc to help us understand what it is you want to achieve. Not only does this help us understand what it is you want but it also helps assist should a project go ahead in ensuring the right  products arrive at the right times.


In between building everyone else's projects we develop our own houses too. Our aim is to turn pre loved homes into new eco friendly family smart homes.

Quality is the up most importance to us, every project we undertake will have a spacious living area with luxury bathroom's to relax in along with new electrics and heating system's, low power efficient lighting and heating, highly insulated and efficient appliances.  Amongst that it will have security features such as smart doorbells, security lighting, then a wireless hub (normally Nest) enabling you to keep tabs on the efficiency and usages of the house along with controlling features like heating and lighting

We will make use of the Government ,Going Green Grant scheme, this means you are entitle to a grant to get your house fitted with some form of solar power, new windows or highly insulated to do our bit to save energy from £2500 up to £10,000. 


Remember folks we have one planet let's look after it and re use what we already have where we can !! 


Once someone has bought one of our developments they can then rest assure everything is new, in warranty including the house its self and a team ready to help with any changes you may want to make. 

Accurate Pricing £

We have used class leasing estimating software for over 4 years. This ensures every project is priced as completely and accurately as possible along with live current material prices time and time again this has proven to be accurate which means none of the dreaded hidden extras that can otherwise add up quickly.

We can also supply 3D drawings of what exactly has been quoted for. We can supply fully written contracts, payment schedules along with work schedules, extras sheets, and full breakdowns of exactly what it is you are paying for allowing you endless specifications for your build from the start. 

We can also offer a pricing service to to customers who wish to use other contractors. Normally priced at around £300+vat for a average extension, this will supply you with a fully broken down estimate including material quantities, work schedule and summary of works for you to take your contractor of choice giving you the security of knowing what is required and what price you should be paying. 


We have been trading for nearly 15 years and in that time have build up a list of trusted, reliable tradespeople. 

We have a team that cover every aspect of domestic construction. We also undertake Shopfitting for commercial sector such as Fox clothing.  

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Groundworks & Foundations

  • Bricklaying & Stonework 

  • Carpentry & Joinery including workshop 

  • Plastering 

  • Decorating

  • Project Management 

  • Structural Engineers 

  • Steel Fabrication 

  • Aluminum, Upvc & wooden Windows and doors 

  • Kitchens, Bathrooms & Bedrooms bespoke furniture & Fitting

  • Tiling

  • Restorations 

  • Landscaping Etc..